Markus Kager (*1987), lives and works in Austria.

Markus Kager

(*1987, Austria)

I try to approximate the creational process of life in my artwork. I developed an artistic process which is highly responsive and sensitive with a unique dynamic approach over five years of study at the University of Art and Design Linz in Austria.
In my process, I put about six sheets of paper in place and layer inks of different colors on the top one in an intuitive and fluid manner. Gravity, wind, rain, temperature, the shape of the surface of our planet, the structure and texture of the paper, expansion, contraction, electrostatic charge, chemical reactions and other processes interact. Their confluence creates the image.
I want the artwork and the aesthetic experience to extend beyond the anthropocentric way of thinking. My work is a medium that helps us understand that we are not separated or superior to the rest of the world.
I see myself as a participant in this discussion which merits further exploration.

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